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  • An overview of PolymetricsMX

    Polymetrics Mexico was incorporated in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2008 as a successor to Polymetrics Seawater Systems, Inc. which was based in San Jose, California. We currently operate in the state of Baja California Sur in Mexico.


    Building on over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, specifically seawater reverse osmosis desalination, PolymetricsMX provides consultation services on the design and installation of new desalination plants, as well as providing operation and maintenance contracts.


    Joseph E Rafferty

    President, PolymetricsMX

    Joseph is President of Polymetrics Mexico and has worked in desalination for the most part of his career, primarily in Malta and Mexico. He founded Polymetrics in order to provide day to day maintenance and service contracts in the state of Baja California Sur. Prior to launching Polymetrics, Joseph was the lead installation and commissioning engineer for Polymetrics Seawater Systems Inc. He has designed, installed and commissioned seawater desalination plants ranging from 50,000 GPD to 14 Million GPD. His knowledge and experience in seawater reverse osmosis is extensive and is familiar with all the processes involved in a reverse osmosis system.

    Joseph P Rafferty

    Operations Manager, PolymetricsMX

    Joseph oversees daily operations of all plants under contract as well installation and commissioning of new plants and plant rehabs.

  • Stats & Figures

    Grupo Polymetrics Mexico have been involved in the installation and commissioning of a number of plants in Baja California Sur.

    5,000,000 GPD

    Total cumulative installed RO system capacity 

    1.79 Million GPD

    Total capacity of plants currently maintained and serviced by PolymetricsMX and it's subsidiary Global H2O Solutions.


    Number of hotels with a Polymetrics Seawater Systems designed plant installed.


    Reverse osmosis plants installed in Cabo San Lucas


    Number of rehab plant upgrades carried out

  • Recent News & Projects

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Takeover of Colonos Pedregal O&M Contract

    Polymetrics bid for and successfully won the operations and maintenance (O&M) contract for the Colonos Pedregal desalination plant. Having originally been involved in the installation and commissioning phases of this project, Polymetrics is well suited to operate and maintain this plant.

    Acquisition of Global H2O Investments

    At the end of January 2020, Polymetrics aquired the Global H2O Solutions & Global H2O Services companies based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as part of our expansion plans in the local market.

    Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa

    Polymetrics was once again entrusted to carry out another rehab of an existing plant. Faced with aging equipment due to poor material selection, Polymetrics provided new super duplex (Zeron 100) high pressure piping and reconfigured the plant's vessel configuration to ensure that the useful lifetime of the plant is extended as well as improving the process operation.

    Maravilla Los Cabos

    Trusted to deliver another project on schedule and at the best price, Polymetrics and Gemini Seawater Systems designed and installed the largest cyclone separator pre-filtration system in the region for a 1MGPD SWRO desalination plant.

    Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort

    In 2017, Polymetrics installed the first Danfoss APP pump in the region. Working closely with our partners, Gemini Seawater Systems LLC, we were able to retrofit the existing plant to incorporate the new pump. Follow the link to see PolymetricsMX featured in a Danfoss writeup.

    Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort

    Desalination units 1 and 2, were upgraded to incorporate Energy Recovery Inc. recovery system. This resulted in an increase of 50% more product water for each plant

    Terrasol Condominiums, Cabo San Lucas

    Installed in 1997, the seawater desalination plant at Terrasol was upgraded to incorporate the latest energy recovery PX technology pioneered by Energy Recovery Inc.

  • Services We Offer

    PolymetricsMX provides a range of services in the market of seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis desalination.

    Our Services

    Areas of Expertise

    • EPC Services
    • Consultation services
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Repair and upgrading of existing plants
    • Planning and design of new plants
    • Sales of parts such as filters, membranes, motors and pumps




    Our Attitude

    How We Work

    • PolymetricsMX always recommended the use of the highest grade of materials and the most reliable pumping equipment.
    • We are aware of the energy requirements of reverse osmosis and therefore we strive to incorporate the latest energy recovery devices

    Desalination Systems

    Reverse Osmosis

    PolymetricsMX draws on the 30 years experience of its founder Joseph Rafferty. Our knowledge of reverse osmosis desalination systems, serving both seawater and brackish water feeds, is extensive. These years of experience have resulted in the development of the most efficient and cost effective RO system design.

    Operation and Maintenance

    What We Do Everyday

    As a company providing operation and maintenance service contracts we provide:

    • Technicians on call 24/7
    • Regular plant visits and monitoring 7 days a week
    • Extensive spare parts inventory readily available
    • Minimal downtime and high system reliability as a guarantee of our service

    Our Work Philosophy

    PolymetricsMX believe that hard work and having fun at work go hand in hand.

    We feel that our employees should look forward to coming to work and take pride in the result of their work.

  • Contact Us

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